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In addition to being a functional device, smartphones are now also a fashion accessory and are used for multiple purposes. We all want to protect our device well with the help of a smartphone case. Smartphone cases come in all colors, sizes and even functions. For example, there are magnetic flip cases with card holders, bumpers, wallet cases and robust cases for people who spend a lot of time in nature. When buying phone cases in bulk these are important specifications.

Phone cases are not the only mobile phone accessories. They are arguably the most important phone accessories, as we almost always have our smartphones with us and want to protect them from all kinds of drops, scratches and other damage. There is a very wide range of phone cases and phone accessories, so it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. Especially when you are searching for sublimation phone cases bulk. With both physical stores and internet stores that offer several of these phone cases in bulk, there are also many reviews available that can make the choice somewhat easier.

We also have a wide choice of so-called ‘bumpers’ in our category of sublimation phone cases bulk. Because bumpers are only attached to the edges of the smartphone as a kind of frame, the design of the device remains clearly visible. Cutouts are made in the bumper so that the charger and the headphones can still be attached to the phone. Because the bumper is slightly wider than the edges of the smartphone, the device floats, as it were, when it is placed on a flat surface. This reduces the risk of damage through contact with the surface but also other objects when it is placed in, for example, a bag.

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