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Some cases and shells are more practical, while others are more visually appealing. Some offer good protection, while others act more like a second “skin.” There are plenty of options, but here are the most common types to get you started.



Thin and gel shells: These shells are usually very thin and allow you to add a flashy design to the phone, while also improving its grip thanks to a flexible and rubbery silicone gel material. These are some of the cheaper covers that you can make and customize with designs, especially if you want to print them on demand (more on that later).


  • Shockproof shells: Unlike thin phone covers, these usually only cover the sides/ends of the phone, and are often made from a harder, impact-resistant material to protect your phone from bumps and scratches. Some shockproof cases may have a minimalist design and only cover the ends of the phone, while others may have an extra piece to protect the back from scratches as well.You can review big brands smartphone cases supplier products. You can consider smart phone cases of big brands as the best products in the industry. It provides both good protection and creates a first class effect in appearance.


  • Folios or wallet cases: Folios cases have a side that allows you to cover the front of the phone to protect the screen from dust and scratches, giving it the appearance of a small notebook. Some can even be used as a wallet, allowing you to store your cards and money, while others can be turned into a stand to hold your phone. Typically, they are made from a leather material and cost a bit more than thin cases, but also seem to be more convenient for consumers.Especially in design, thin cases make iphone phones look more aesthetic. Today, many influencers of iphone users choose iphone cases accordingly to be both stylish and elegant. To buy wholesale iphone case, you can examine the phone cases of big brands.


  • Heavy Duty Cases and Shells: Many people look for a case or shell not to add aesthetics to their phone, but rather to protect the hundreds of dollars invested in it should they drop it. Heavy-duty cases and shells are bulkier and add weight to the phone, but provide excellent protection in return. When writing your product descriptions for heavy-duty cases, be sure to include all the details of impact and water resistance tests that can put customers’ minds at ease. As iphone cases supplier, we provide phones of all specifications.


Battery cases: These days, battery life seems to be an issue regardless of the type of phone you have. Even though they are more expensive than most phone cases and covers, battery cases and covers come in handy, especially during those times when the phone’s battery level is very low. Since they both protect and provide battery power to your phone, they are a good choice for phone models that use a lot of battery power

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