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Designs for your phone cases that you buy in bulk

Your wholesale accessories should be the way you want them. When choosing phone cases that you buy wholesale, most importantly, you should choose products that can attract the attention of your target audience, who has been shopping online or in your physical store. You could Bulk Buy Phone Cases if your target audience is ready

Try to come up with a few different accessories or covers and get feedback as soon as possible so you don’t have to rely on just one idea:

  • Post your chosen accessories or covers on photo-sharing social networks and measure the level of interest by analyzing the interaction (likes, shares, comments).
  • You can even invest a little money to promote your chosen accessories or covers to a wider, more qualified audience and identify which ones are the most appealing.
  • Try to find out what your friends and family members think
  • If you are targeting a specific niche,
  • Reddit will be very helpful in getting feedback.
  • Publish your chosen accessories or cases in a relevant subdirectory (for example: r/bwm cases [r/Karl Lagerfeld case] if you sell bmw or Karl Lagerfeld cases).
  • Once your products are on sale, you can rekindle the discussion with another post.
  • Getting your designs to resonate with niche audience members or a group of people who are passionate about a particular topic will help you generate interest much more effectively. After all, accessories like phone cases and covers are a way for many people to show off their individuality.



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