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Phone cases come in all colors, sizes, materials and shapes and can be customized to suit our lifestyle or mood. These cases are not only beautiful but are also very functional. For example, they protect against damage when we drop our smartphone from our hands and against scratches when the smartphone is placed in a bag with other items. Since we rely a lot on our phone these days, it is imperative that it remains in good condition as long as possible. A reason for this is that we no longer use telephones to make calls only, but also use these devices as calendars, means of payment and cameras.

A good example of the different types of smartphones cases are the wallet cases with a flap for cards and money, thin cases that only protect the back of phones and so-called bumper cases that protect all sides of the smartphone against drops and scratches. The latter category is especially recommended for people who spend a lot of time outdoors or enjoy nature sports. When you decide to bulk buy phone cases keep in mind the interests of your customers and target group. Because these types of cover are always popular, it is good to have it in stock.

Materials of which the cases are made are just as important when you plan to bulk buy phone cases. One of the many materials in which phone cases are available is leather. Leather fabrics also come in different types. There is the well-known cow or calf leather, which is made from the skin of animals. Real leather is reasonably durable and sturdy but is slightly more expensive than the alternative artificial leather, which is also called PU, artificial leather or imitation leather. An advantage of this variant is that it is easier to clean and maintain.